The newsgroup said 1000 A for 1/50000 second was enough to ignite it with hydrogen at atmospheric pressure.


If the 0.1 uF capacitor was charged to 100,000 volt the charge Q=VC.


This is 1E6X1E-7 = 0.1 Coulomb so over 1/50,000 sec that is 0.1 X 50,000 = 5000 amps.


The 5 turns help to compress the plasma and make ignition more likely, the newsgroup did not mention any coil.


The hydrogen fusion ignites the lithium into a Li+Li > Ar + 2e reaction, the yield is calculated by taking the atomic mass of the two lithium atoms and subtracting the Ar (Argon) (that is the next rare gas to Helium) atomic mass and multiplying by c^2.


The likely yield guide is that 5 g of lithium gives a 20 KT explosion.


Their tests that I have heard about indicate that the little one will vaporise a tank and a bigger one vaporises a destroyer.



The above calculations are mine. I saw these being distributed in a shop in London.


I picked up a couple myself and took them to me boss and we blew up his car. He was impressed.