Patent GB 0509184.8


Thermonuclear power reactor using radio frequency containment in solenoidal toroid


1 This device will provide continuous electrical power


2 This device provides a method of containing hot plasma


3 This device provides a method of extracting electrical power by direct conversion








This untested invention will provide electrical power by direct conversion from a contained thermonuclear fusion reaction of hydrogen nuclei.


The containment is by a radio frequency current in a helical toroidal coil around a pyrex vessel containing low pressure hydrogen.


The radio frequency current ionises the gas and the ionisation current repels the exciting current and then mutual repulsion contains the ionised gas near the centre circle of the toriod.


Experiment has shown that the repulsion near the windings is greater than near the centre circle so any drift away is instantly corrected.


Power is collected by a mutual inductive winding.  There are no turbines or other conversion devices.







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Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor


Tesla's Experiment

It has recently occurred to me that a nineteenth century physicists, Tesla, may have already succeeded in making hydrogen fusion power in a hydrogen discharge,   He has stated that a high tension coil he used in making a hydrogen discharge (by induction?) gave off more power than was put into the coil.  Not self sustaining but making a little power.  I don't think he thought of fusion as the source as this was unknown at that time.  People thought he had discovered some property of the universe.

My Patent

A torus, about 10 cm in diameter wound with ten turns of copper pipe round the small diameter (2cm) of the torus so that it forms a Farady coil connected to a 100pF capacitor is the device.  The hollow glass torus has low pressure hydrogen gas inside.

A 3-50KW radio frequency power is applied across the winding at its resonant frequency.  The plasma generated is contained in a ring near the centre of the toroidal pyrex tube.  The heat generated in the plasma by ohmic heating makes the temperature approach 200 MK (according to calculations) and fusion reactions occur.

During the radio frequency cycle the pressure increases and drops at a frequency of twice the exciting frequency and thermonuclear fusion reactions increase the temperature during the high pressure cycle and this extra energy is passed to the radio frequency current during the next half cycle.  Consequently power generated by the thermonuclear reactions is passed to the electrical circuit.  When the power generated exceeds the losses then oscillations are maintained and the exciting radio frequency current input may be switched off.

I order to limit the power of the reaction negative feedback is needed, this is not included in the circuit.

Useful power is collected by a loosely coupled mutual inductance.

With only protons in the fusion process I don't think there will be neutrons produced and the gamma photons would be absorbed by the ionised gas.

This is based on theory and simple experiments not involving high power.






People may try my suggestion at their own risk.  There is no provision for power limitation and since the power can rise to 10E17 watts this is uncontainable.  I suggest a negative feedback loop is installed to control and limit the power to reasonable limits.


The physics is not given here, but see my web page on:  Some of the physics contains a new (but elementary) discovery.


It is all based on expermiments and measurements.


If you are successful I would like a royalty payment for commercial exploitation.