I attempted to register with my University to try out my reactor at their facilities as a reseach project and here is their considered response:

Dear Mr *****,
In my email dated 1st of March I have explained the reasons why we are not able to comply with your request:
In addition to health and safety reasons we do not have the facilities to carry out vacuum engineering;
It is not the policy of the Faculty of Science to supply chemicals or gases however small the quantity to any student or member of the public unless it is part of an approved home experiment kit (that student has registered and paid for that course).

Unfortunately the Faculty of Science is not engaged in energy generation research, it may be that other Faculties are engaged in the research you wish to pursue. I would recommend you look on the website for research studentships or opportunities.

I feel that you are wasting staff time in your request and constant stream of emails.
I do not wish to enter into any more dialogue in this matter or to discuss any theoretical aspects.
I would be grateful if you did not send any further emails to Dr **** or myself.