A Fusion Reactor

Experimental notes and theory.

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Chris's Fusion Reactor

I have built a fusion reactor that creates helium from hydrogen

It also captures the power given off during the reaction as electrical power.

Below are some photographs.

Two Reactors on Shelf with telephone.

Before: - Glow colour pink (hydrogen)

After: - Glow colour Green (helium)

Images shows reactor chamber before and after reaction.

The "before" image shows the red glow of hydrogen the "after" image shows the green glow of helium.

Video demonstration of transmutation of hydrogen into helium


With Audio Commentary



Video showing spectral change during transmutation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJmkSaANkAQ

Video showing spectral change during transmutation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YY57sKZS6c


The protons are "hot" enough for the higher energy process of 4P>He to take place.

The criticism is that sodium vapour from the glass got into the tube making it yellow. However the diagnostic green line of helium is visible so helium is present in the tube.

I accept the criticism.

I am now getting some success and I invite others to try out the reactor and test it to see if it does in fact work.

Before I ceased my experiments I found that when I increased the exciter power to 800 watt the output rose to 2KW and when I isolated the reactor from the exciter this power remained. The spark gap regulator became active keeping the power at this level. I only allowed this for a short time before reconnecting the exciter and turning the power down and the reaction ceased. This was repeated in the presence of our local MP and a patent officer. Later the bomb squad of police arrived and I was put in detention and given anti-psychotic injections.


“Thermonuclear” means “a nuclear reaction caused by heat” (Actually it means that the nuclei are at the same temperature as the electrons)  it does not mean bomb. A device is anything at all, like my wristwatch or pen.


A “Transistor” is a “device”.


My reactor is quite simple but how it works is not.


Electromagnetic waves do not pass through ionised gas but are reflected by it. The gas inside the coil is heated then ionised and then the waves are kept out of the ionised gas but with some penetration.


Maxwell is correct but the people who did the calculation got the boundary conditions wrong. The situation is a slow wave (because of the coil) down a coaxial system with the winding as the outer conductor and the plasma as the inner conductor.


When the current in the coil rises the plasma conducts an induced current and being unlike these currents repel and so heat and compress the ionised gas inducing thermonuclear fusion reactions in the deuterium present that further heats the gas and this makes the gas expand and the movement of the conducting gas induces current in the coil thus sustaining the reaction.


I have done Maxwell’s equations but I am not clever enough to work it out. Can you?