Earth Quake Lights

A phenomena that is reported to precede or accompany earthquakes is light s in the sky, usually near mountains, these have been reported in Wales as well as Japan where they occur more frequently.

I once heard an account of a man who went up a mountain to investigate and saw these balls of fire coming out of the rocks.  Because he was tired and at high altitude he also dreamed a lovely story in his sleep which got mixed up with reality.

I bought some crystals of Tourmaline and one evening I clamped the long and this crystal by its long sides and compressed it.

Suddenly there were a couple of glowing balls of fire shooting across the shed that hit the wall with a slight noise.  I took the crystal out of the vice and I saw two new pits where a tiny fragment of rock had broken away.

Tourmaline is known to be piezoelectric and I would suggest that the little balls of fire were caused by the little pieces of rock that broke off being electrically charged and the fire was a discharge of electricity that flowed through the air causing a glow.

So I would suggest that these Earth Quake lights are caused by piezoelectric rocks being compressed by the huge forces of rock movements and small pieces break of causing and fly through the air with an accompanying current of electricity through the surrounding air driven by an electrical dipole charge on the rock fragment that causes the glow in the air of ionised air.

I would also suggest that many normal people, including those trained in science, lack the inherited brain mechanism that enables me to do this chain of logical links called reason. Most people called men are not, in fact, Homo Sapiens, they are a mutant "handyman the clever".

I would suggest further that these static discharges occur unseen with all Earthquakes and before as the stress builds up and may be a method of predicting earthquakes by measuring the forces as they build my monitoring these static discharges.  It should be possible to measure them at the Earth's surface by radio noise at very long wavelengths as these are the only ones that penetrate the rocks.  They are probably polarised and this will also help in measuring the amount of stress by measuring the strength of the polarisation.

However I understand that a large number of experiments in the laboratory and in the field need to be done before a satellite system be put up to monitor the very long wave radiation from the Earth using a two crossed long wire antennas.



The observation that Earthquake lights are electrically charged rock fragment expelled from the mountains Coupled with the prediction that rocks under stress discharge electrically due to the peitzo-electric effect (electric force made by stressed crystals) indicates that rocks under stress will be emitting electrical noise at all frequencies.  The rocks are miles underground so only very long wave radiation will reach the surface and any sea water will attenuate the signal due to electrical conduction.


However this is a skin effect and the penetration at 0.1 Hz or less may be significant.


The receiver is a FET noise amplifier that will increase noise to a few volts.  This is fed to a digital sampler and digitized.  This is transmitted to the Earth base station. The digitized signal is passed to a dedicated computer where the digitized noise is auto correlated with a function:


SUM(N(t)*N(t-tau))(DELTA t) between t-tau and t  This is repeated for tau values 1 sec to 10,000 sec and a plot of the value of the function made.  This is done for the two antennas which are at right angles to see the angle of polarization.


The strength of this signal and the degree of polarization gives a measurement of the stress of the rocks.  This will help predict earthquakes.


An earth satellite with the receiver will be the best use.