Clean Energy From the Sun


It has been suggested that households could by a kit of photocells to power the home from the light of the sun.  This would be a very environmentally friendly way to provide electricity for the home domestic equipment, excluding heating.

To be viable the cost has to be low enough for the average household to afford and at present this is not the case.  Here is a calculation of the cost of the required electrical equipment to provide domestic power.  This does not include installation.

Here is a quote:

The average household consumes over 2 kilowatts. The largest output panel that I know of  is a 100W panel. These are currently priced at 599.99 and to achieve just 2kW you would need 20 of them. Then there would be the batteries, 50Ah minimum costing roughly 50 each, you would need around 40 of these to hold enough charge and each would need a charge controller at around 15 each. For domestic use you would need 2x1500W invertors at 499.99 each. So you can see that this would cost far more than 5000. You wouldn't get much change out of 20,000 and would not get much benefit from this system during the winter when the days are short. Unfortunately the technology is there but the economics isn't. Solar panels are not a new thing but you often find that the companies that make them are owned by huge oil consortiums and other energy producers. It seems only when these people have wrung every last drop of profit from fossil fuels will renewable energy become viable.


At present we have to look elsewhere for our clean energy.