Star Ship Drive Mechanism




The basis is the electromagnetic pump, here a dielectric is polarised by an alternating electric field and then an alternating magnetic field pumps is used to pump the dielectric fluid like water.


It a reaction engine



This device produces thrust without detectable emission.



A dielectric fluid may be pumped by a crossed alternating electric and magnetic field, a vacuum is a dielectric and so it can be pumped in the same way. When the vacuum is polarised the virtual particles postulated by Heisenberg are moved apart and pumped as they leave the field they vanish. These are called “polarons”.


The phenomenon uses the displacement current that occurs when a dielectric is being polarised.


It is experimentally found that the thrust is what is predicted as power/c the phase of the fields is the same and the thrust may be revered by putting the fields out by π radians.


Reported to me independently.


There is no detectable radiation and they can be placed in a screened box.


The E-field is between capacitor plates and the H-field is generated by a coil wound round the plates so the E-field is at right angles to the H-field. This is known as a crossed electric and magnetic field.


The direction is E x H and the force is the voltage on the plates times the current in the coil times the power factor/c.