Room Air Conditioning


I put this page up some time ago when I installed these enhanced ventilation units.

The chimneys and fireplaces in the house form part of the ventilation and some people brick them up.

I found this ventilation is easily restored by opening the compulsory vent in the brick work and installing an electric extractor fan. This not only refreshes the air but cools the room by functioning as an air refrigerator.

The extractor fan pumps air up the chimney and the action of this fan also slightly heats the air by compressing (adiabatic compression) it a little this air then passes out of the chimney. Air coming in to replace this air passes through the compulsory wall ventilation and slightly cools it by adiabatic expansion.

The original web page was much more detailed and the thief probably patented it in his name.


He probably deleted this page to prevent me from making money because I do not belong to his church or believe his insane religion based on lies.

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If you have had an enhanced ventilation unit installed you may pay me through my pay-pal account.


I request you pay me 5 for using my invention.

I noticed that homes with chimneys were cooler in summer than those without when I was in Hungary in August one year.

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