Insect Photography with John Bebbington

Homely Beetle
Out of focus sorry, afterwads I ate them.

Lava of a moth

Tasted Nice Too.

May fly lava (I think)
Not nice did not try

lady bug
nice beetle

shield beetle
They eat deadly nghtshade but you and I cannot.

Water boatman
Water boatman relies on surface tension to stay afloat.

pretty but carniverous beetle
Carniverus beetle aka moth that eats other moths just the same

read in toth and claw in the hedge row

nature red in tooth and claw in the hedge-row.

dont know but munching till it dies
Dont know but a beetle

water boatman
Water Boatmn Again

stone fly
Stone fly, he eats other stone flies

wasp eating mites on leaf

Wasp eating mites on leaf

mites eat other mites on leaf.

pink butterrfly

Beetle that looks like a pink butterfly.

wolf spider sounding his trap
Wolf Spider sounding his trap

gotcha - spider taking his prey
Spider taking prey

grass hopper

grass hopper. another beetle