Jodrel Bank Radio Telescope

This is an eye that looks at the sky in the radio part of the electromanetic spectrum.
I went to this Lovell Obervatory a short time ago and took some photographs. I show them here.
View of telescope from  cafe
Probably discussing their theories of their readings.
I had a taste of vegedable soup
The telescope is in the parked position to minimise stress for strong winds

path to downlink

Telescope in use
Wispering dish on the right

To the downlink building
The exit

circumference path
The exhibition building and cafe and microwave link

Telescope is in use
Wispering dish is on the right.

The way out
The way out

Exehibition building and microwave link
Another image of the exhibition building and microwave link. The car park is on the left (not visible)

Solar observotry in the background
A solar microwave dish over there.

mcrowave link
Another view of the mcrowavw link. Sends data to the university I believe.

in use today
In use today, designed by a bridge designer...

I did not photograph the exhibition itself as it is copyright. I discused Et with the demonstrators.