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I have met the professor who leads the artificial intelligence department at the university.We talked about an hour long. He stated, his group (with professors, many people) call themself as AI researchers, but admitted that they don't really develop AI only algotihms in image recognition, translating algorithms. So really they dont have a breakthrough solution to reach, create AI.

I told him, "some years ago I felt I have found it". But we haven't gone deeper in it.

After all, he could not offer me any help. Nor job, nor anything to help further in any direction.

So they are an AI research group without results.

He did not trust me.

Slightly I felt the accusation, that I was doing "philosophy" in a weak sense.

So, in all, I was rejected. Just like earlier. Scientists don't get support or assistance here.

In Germany I worked as programmer and got paig. I can starve, die here. Just as earlier.

To steal, maybe they would be ready.

In Germany I was working and got paid. Here I can starve.

So I live still in a poors house. No work.

I have peace in my soul, I have to eat, have a bed, they wash the few clothings that I have. Living dead.

I have peace in my soul.

My (girl)friend makes scandals with me. As far as she can. I survive also that.

It is good to make correspondence, have contact.

Maybe somezhing does happen!!!

Today is a mild, calm Autumn-day.

If I don't come out of the institute I feel ill. But what to do in Szeged?

I slowly die.

Although I feel my mind ready to work.

Only without tools, inspiration.....

To fast changing or empty mind!

I could work as in Germany, this prof thinks I am on dreaming. Although inly he, as mathematic professor

never in his life has worked anything more than teaching.Haha.

So the circle is closed at the moment.

But I dont give up.

At least I have my peace of soul.

Have a peaceful, warm Autumn-week-end!


You are addressing difficult problems.

Good exists in people's minds.

It is there.

A psychological existense.

As such, it exists with effects, power.

Medicament. Equilibrium of mind.

It is a deep topic.

Or short?

There are cheaters.

Őne ttool is god.
Is it a necessary medicament?

Social science to investigate the effects? For measurable differences with or without good?

What doe GDR stad for?

German Democratic Republic?

When so, I spent 1 Moth there in the Summer of 1976 or 77.

It was a summer-camp work, in an agricultural machin building factory.

Nothing political.

I won a chess-competition there, spontaneously organized

Dear Christopher,

I have been in the institute till now with high blood pressure.

from the beginning of the last week I had high blood pressure. I was twice transported in the clinic by ambulance car. Nobody knos the origin of this.

I feel better. I would really assist you in building the machine.

I feel power. I feel the capability. But at the moment I am not in

contributive surroundings. I will leave the institute as soon as possible.

I know that you have an excellent brain. I know your thinking, ideas are not mere dreams. You have high mental capacity. I wish we had time enough for me to learn from you.

Under thise conditions, surrounded by mentally weak people, nurses, I can hardly concentrate.

In fact I would like to begin with the beginning again. I can though nod on your
explanations, but a missing fundament in my knowledge makes me only a clown showing high understanding of the matter.

I have now several unread letters from you. I will read all of them, but I wont answer each one.Not even a short response to let you know that I've read it.

You know, I read all.


Scientists say there is extraterrestrial life, with very high probability.

There is no plausible argument against extraterrestial life. But the Solar system is to a grade explored that we cansay, there is probably no intelligent life here.

Mars exploration is developed, the solar system is tiny. But the universe with its uncountable objects is vast. So we can bet, there is extraterrestrial life and intelligence. Religion is not science or truth. IT IS Business, "soul medicine",

it is a classical cheat. "Give me values (wealth, etc.), you get it back after your death!" Haha.

The best business. Give me money, I give it back after your death! Haha!

Research in space goes on.

I admire the world. If I could start again, I would stare at the universe!

Hubble telescope.

Still I ask Good (haha)  to give fusion generator in your hands.

Maybe I can get out of my carcel to go after the immense richness of the world.

We are at the beginning!

Now I peacefully sit in my "home".

I will lose my active brain mentality, I have so much peace in me.

I hope it goes gou well. My blood-pressure is normal low.


Hello again!

I've read your letter again.

A tumor was removed from your brain!!


Perhaps this tumor have caused problems!

Now it is over.

How are youb feeling? Differently than before??

I would like to get out, back into fruitful life.

Doing nothing is not for me.

Take care of your affairs!!

Good reconvalescence!!


Dear Chris,

This mail from you is very surprising.
You write I have stolen money from you. You write I am a thief, and
Read please your letter!
Your accusations are ungrounded.
sorry that you are in this condition.
I hope you will feel better.
I myself feel thrown on the waste hill, I would feel badly losing your
In a way I am not far from nothingness.
I hope for something to happen.
I don't give up.
But I have peace. No nervosity.
It is a sunny November day here.
For all the personal in the institute
I am a poor , idiot.
All the people don't really interest me.

Have a nice week-end!



Hello Chris,

Thank you for the link.

You are a very productive, mobile, energy éoaded man. You must be listened to, must be supported. Excuse me for the commonsence appreciative relation to your attention

towards me. I am in a kind winter-sleep. The  limititative life in the institute don't kill me. only makes  me depressive. I would have time to thoughts, but they sparely come. I watch ozon-network and national geographic. Spectrum and Discovery were cancelled from the channels. I am in a mood  to live in the universe, what are taught through the 2 channels, thinkin of the fusion generator project.. I feel good, brcause you haven't given up! I am still hoping to be able to return to action, creative thinking, free life without the limitations of the institute!

I am able to return to deep problem dolving thinking. I wish to examine basic questions regarding the universe, physical world.Otherwise, i feel in a kind of mental equilibrium, ctrength to solve basic research priblems. Here, though, to concentrate thoughts is difficuls, seems to be unsolveable. I am in a kind of lazyness. Lack of motivatio?

My brain is not so full like yours.(empty space for new knowledge, haha)

A see programs that overview Einsteins concept of space and time, and I must recognize, I am beginner in knowledge-fields, concepts. Hard working imagination.

Now I stop overflooding this letter.

And the rime flows quickly in the libraray.

Have further energy, nice  times, weather!!!

How long will you stay in the hospital?

Are you optimistic-realistic to plan future? I wish you do!!


My Transfusor web site is on:

I wish to be ablle to support by my work the project, your work.

Go on!

It is raining here today.

I also admire what humans have been doing, the advancement in science, in univers, space!Acheivements, steps forward!!!

Don't get lost!


You should dispose over a higher project with more team-members!


A high density polystyrene collar would be a better shield than a water bath

Hello Chris,

Good health!

I am not vrey talkative.

I feel well and hope in return!

The weather is warm here.

IAs I remember you have made milestone advancements.

You achieved fusion.

Maybe I am no more actually knowing the state.

Is it a product? Breakthrough has been made.

 I will come out of the  institute.

See You!

Hello Chris,

I have no carer. I don't think anybody cares me or my phone. Stiil, I will ask in the institute someone to call me

to check if I receive any calls. The ringing tone .  What do you hear when you call me?

By the way, I am mentally buildin g me up to step forward. This institute will not be my last resort in my life.

I feel more realistic, less captured by dreams, phantasy.

I feel reasonability in everyday life, living it.

Here, winter seems to be approaching its end. We had about twoo weeks winter.

But, as I've seen on broadcasts, Great Britain, the USA had a hard weather.

Climate change has arrived, have been beginning?

curious happenings in the wörld!

I trí to recuperate the state of your works.

As I have realized throu your emails, you are hard working.


Fusion has happened.

Could you send me a written letter about reached milestones?

My coming out is not imminent, nor tomorrow, but things can be accellerated.

I enjoy a mental and bodyly equilibrium.

Nurses seem to give me some sort of respect.

My nephew in Budapest made a bet on me. It is a 1 to 10 bet. If he (I come back onto my feet, back into succesful life)

wins, he gets 1000000 FT. If he loses, hepays 100000 FT. No deadline is specified.

So a review of the state of things would be interesting.

Are you now in cooperation with somebody or group? Pegsus, Tesla?

Are you stabile, constant? Do you feel in equilibrium, harmony?

OK, I don't forget the phone.  Have nice day, week-end! etc.


I live everyday my shortage of money. No comment. Such it is. From one day to the other.

It is springtime, sunny here. You are in good health, aren't you?

If nothing happens, I fade away.

But life goesbon.

Have a nice day!


You are addressing difficult problems.

Good exists in people's minds.

It is there.

A psychological existense.

As such, it exists with effects, power.

Medicament. Equilibrium of mind.

It is a deep topic.

Or short?

There are cheaters.

Őne ttool is god.
Is it a necessary medicament?

Social science to investigate the effects? For measurable differences with or without good?

Hello Chris,

I am soory zjhat you are persecuted for maintaining your opinion on exraearthian life. TV-programs spread the  same opinion.  The world has changed. I see very interesting programs on TV about Earth, the Universe, life, evolution. About evolution of celestial objects, evolution on Earth. I am sure, humanityy reaches soon the possibility of eternal life.  Morals, religion, I can't see seriously to be a problem in the whole. I have enlighted views of the situation and it is good. I would like to discuss things personally with you. But the phone hinders easy talking about things.

In the institute I gained some respect. I could survive outside too.

Shall I be a prophet, Buddha, Eddy Murphy to disperse the new belief?

My enlighted periods don't wake up with me in the fowing morning. I must become stronger. The institute saws and builds me.

Enlightment is coming to stay.

I think of hybernation, if development doesn't come quickly enough.

It is a question of not so many years!


Doctors ( the word doctor used to notation for an occupation, that is curing humans or other animals) are very primitive.

At least in the sense of understand the world abstractly, conceptually.


Doctors are not high-interlligence representants.

Hello Chris,

this time I have a head-phone. Thanks for the material that you passed to me.

In  the short time that I have, I browsed, picked out a little,and I know THERE ARE THINGS OUT THERE AND in HERE!



2014-05-09 8:40 GMT+02:00 Christopher Strevens <>:

Alien data at dawn this morning.

what ideas. concave earth and alll that.

nocomment. intelligence is associations. everithing can be in the mind associated. the proof, chane of proofs makes sensless or real connections of ebjects, concepts. all rubbish of nerves nets don1T MKE SENSE. CRICITISM IS APPROPRIATE!



2014-05-12 15:47 GMT+02:00 Sándor Vári <>:

Thank You!

Unfortunately the head-phones is not operating, so I can't enjoy voice-mails and videos.

I watch TV-programs that report perceptions about alien activities, UFOsw..

What is to be heard from the aliens?

I am mentally healthy, but this limitation of possibilities by being in the institut is rather limiting.

A topic in my AI research was communication with alien civilisation. But I realize that there are many intelligent humans who are capable of many things. Moving forward by humans is enormous.

I don't think I amm in posession of knowledge that is  unpaired.

Still wide open I enjoy any communication with them.

I am sorry for not saying surprising.

What do you conclude ?


Hello Chris,

Congratulations!  Although you have doubts about Edit.

Also you decided so.

Love and marriage.

It is your fate .

It is your life!


Hello Chris,

I've read totally, word by word your letter.  It is terrible what you describe!  I don't feel personal threat , immediate,  against me. Maybe I am ignorant. you feel threat, it must be terrible. Here in Hungary, in the institute I feel natural barbarism,  unscolarship, ignorance, but I am not convinced that attacks are planned, intelligent.

Who knows. Here I see atmost stupidity. I think people here are only naively malvolant, maybe only steps are attacking , buut it is not a cold blooded plan.

I don't want to accuse you, but your accusation origins in yourself.

Do I console you by this suppositive solution?

I stop speculating. By the wa, you are alive! Do you think, if they really wanted to kill you, they would not had done it already long ago?

You are safved.

An old inhabitant fellow has todey fallen down the staircase steps and died. It was a shock for me and others. He was quiet, slowly speaking, a fine fellow. He was a good soul, He has been living in the institute for

many decades.

Chris, don't worry, you are not alone!

In soul, I am with you,  friend!

Have good times!


Dear Chris,  I don't have headphones on this PC.

There is no abstract, higher meaningt to life, basically.

If we are creative, imaginative artists, we can create meaningful life for ourselves and for others.

Life is then a dream. But life is anyhow only so bearable.  What are you and what are you not?

Anyhow, you create meaningful life for you!


Hello Chris

I'm in Makó.mAfter descending at the bus terminal went to Erlka's house. I rang the bell, she asked who it was. I said: Sandor Vari. "Do you remember,


She knew, who it was and said in angry voice good bye!

So I left.

She doesn't seem to like me or you.

So I am in the library and I'll visit my brother to meet him and to try to find the letter that I had received from German fiscal office. They wrote about some pension for me, but I had no nerves to arrange it. I will try to find the letter and go to arrange that possible pension. I need it, I  am totally out of money.  My eyesight is developing, but it is not good enough yet. Sad situation, I am sure, medical treatment is much better in the world, but hungarian medical doctors shit on patients. People die or live in permanent illnesses. Sometes I eat date, the following day there is remarkable improvement in my sight. Recently I investigated the COPD on internet. It became curable a former incurable lung disease.

Developement is marvellous, only application costs.

I watch TV, achievements of science. It is enormous.

If only fusion generator could earn money.

I am definitively positiv that I will

return in free, creative life,

I must improvem my health conditions and go after meaningful causes.

I will vote for European integratuion.

I think the present government in Hungary is the best from among the offer.

I realize, there is a real debate in Europen countris about integration. My knowledge about the world lets me say, organisation , a kind of hierarchical organized structure is winner over anarchy or disorganisation.

Have a nice week-end!!!



Dear Chris!

I am distant from such feelings!
I am sad.
Devastating feeling, judgement.
This is beyond resistant psyche.
Every perception is beyond control, calmness.
Missing time and space borders, personal integrity.
The image, perseption explodes all frames.
Opinion takes over instinct of survival.
The image in you burns .
Feelings, abstractions are all in wrack.
Submerged in devastating disorder,
Don't believe in judgement.
The world has not yet fallen apart.
You open your eyes and the street in front of youi
is still there. And it will be there tomorrow, too.
Although news transmit end-of-the-world fils
that scare you, let borderless fear, prognoses
don't kill you!
Does the world fall apart?
The full, does not vanishes. And if so?
Islands on the ocean of the universe regather.
Fallen apart, put together.
God is mightier than that of the Bible. The christian, Jewish god is
a sub-god.
Christian God is a servant of my God.
Have peace in your soul!
have bright days!
Everything is OK! Under control !

Hello Chris,
I am sorry for your prognosed end of staying among these earthlings!
You can be though a survivor! If the strngth of your will to live is high, you can defeat, postpone the arrival of nothingness!
Many people die , because they will to!
I support your stay here, if you will. Of course I am lacking financial support-base, but I am planning to do what I can. With coolness, mental power, I beat fate!!!
I am very positive!!
Hope, strength, steady calmness!!!