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Teslaís Engine

Tesla found that a tube of low pressure air inside a coil which is part of a tuned circuit with a capacitor generated alternating current.

He found that as the pressure dropped the power increased but at very low pressures the power fell off.

He experimented with other gases, hydrogen gave the most power, helium gave none, all gases he tested, nitrogen, oxygen gave power but argon and neon gave none.

His method was to fill the tube with the gas and as he reduced the pressure he recorded the power given off.

In Hitlerís Germany before it all fell apart under the attack of the British who didnít think of it and had all their investments in oil and coal, he used low pressure hydrogen.

The radio frequency power these engines produced was able to provide enough thrust to lift a heavy dish shaped reflector off the ground and fly to the moon.

The Tesla engine was on top and the radio frequency current was supplied to a loop antenna under the dish. The dish focussed the radio energy into a beam and gave thrust by photon reaction. The force is given by:

F=Power/c and the power came from fusion reactions in the hydrogen E=mc^2 where m is the difference between four protons and the (lighter) He - 4.

(4x1.007825032-4.0026032497)c^2=0.028686879 x c^2 = 2.582719E15 joules per 4 grams of hydrogen.

so burning 4 grams of hydrogen per second would give 25.8 million GW capable of giving 8.6 million Newton or lifting 877 tonnes. Or giving a 10 tonne craft an acceleration of 87.7g

I think they used a neon tube as a shunt regulator with variable spaced electrodes to control the power. The British picked up these transmissions and thought they were spark transmitters. The saucers bases were bombed on a moonlight raid because the British hysterical with fear thought they were tanks. Talk of outer space sounded ridiculous to the British because of their Bible (Genesis) based science. They thought Tesla had tamed a poltergeist. My Uncle Arthur and I got similar treatment when we made one when I was ten (and rich) they thought my kidís Tesla engine powered electric car was powered by a poltergeists and my friends still do.