Force on loop within loop and pressure to give power with a 10 mm reaction tube.
Ampere turns
Permeability free space
Length of winding is l (40mm)
RMS current = 0.707 x Peak Current
Graph of central force
Force (Newtons)
Pressure is Force/Area = force/2 x p x R1 x l
Pressure in pascals
Pressure as a function of R1, as the loop contracts the pressure increases
According to my source the Power = 0.5 watt/cc/kPa^2 10torr=133 Pa
At very small radii cold fusion starts because the nuleions approach 100 pM apart but the power is over
a small volume so the total power is very small.
Q is the charge of the sheet of 1 x 1 m squared number along edge is 1/separation repulsion is Q squared devided by separation. this is force gives pressure.